SMS Integration

Boost customer and lead conversion with quick SMS – all within Zoho CRM.

Despite more ways to reach your customers than ever before, do you have their attention?

77% of consumers check their text messages more than any other app. Yep, even social media. That’s why SMS is one of the fastest, most effective ways to cut through all the noise and connect with customers.

With our native Zoho integration, you can cut through the noise, boost sales, and better engage with your customers – all within Zoho.

User-friendly Interface: Allows for quick adoption across your business

See the latest SMS via one inbox and stay on top of comms. Get pop-up notifications to see new messages in real time.

Never miss another message

Reply to customers in real-time thanks to push notifications and set up automatic replies for out of office alerts, SMS surveys, and more.

Reduce no-shows and boost sales

Set up triggered, automated SMS workflows easily like appointment reminders and follow ups for unopened emails.

Chat to customers in real-time

Let customers reach out anytime and get a fast, personal response through an interface you already use.

What you get when you integrate SMS with Zoho:

Get to know your customers

Automatically qualify leads using a set of questions and responses to messages you’re likely to receive.

Keep leads piping hot

Set up automated SMS to send appointment reminders and follow-ups for unopened emails.

Convert more sales

Get a 35% click-through rate 1 with personalised bulk text messaging or automated SMS drip campaigns.

Never lose a conversation

View all your active SMS conversations in one inbox. Reply directly from your CRM or using the mobile app.

How do you connect – and stay connected – with your customers?

Simple. Make it easy for them to talk to you.

With 90% open rates and a 51% response rate within two minutes, SMS is personal, engaging and the easiest way to reach customers on the devices they use the most.

Convert more leads, engage with customers, and grow your revenue by sending targeted SMS messages from Zoho. It’s a no-brainer, really.

A single SMS can:

Boost click-through rates by 36%1.

Achieve a 51% response rate within 1-2 minutes 1.

Get almost instant opens – 1/3 of people check their texts within one minute of receiving an SMS 1.

What does that mean for Zoho users? Stay in touch with your customers from first contact, point of sale, and beyond through automated SMS – easily integrated into Zoho.

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Yes! There are a few ways you can send messages in Zoho CRM depending on your needs. For example, you can send a single message straight from a CRM record using Smooth Messenger. You can also send messages from an Open Conversation in the Smooth inbox.
Absolutely. You can send bulk messages from the Leads module via the “Send Bulk Smooth SMS” button.
Replies can be found on the recipient’s CRM record and the Inbox. The Inbox is the easiest way to manage your SMS communications. Here you can see who has texted and when, the conversation history with each contact, if there are any unread messages, as well as any read messages that still need a reply.
There are multiple ways to get notified about inbound SMS in Zoho CRM, including push notifications, checking the Inbox, email notifications, tasks and more.
Yes, you can create your own workflow rules for automated SMS. You can also send out a series of SMS messages over time relating to the same campaign (like a series of reminders counting down to an event). You can also send automated messages for meetings, tasks and call modules.
We integrate natively into Zoho CRM, making installation quick and easy.
Yes. Integrate your Facebook and Instagram accounts to convert followers to customers with powerful automation flows. You can also see messages from all your channels together in the one inbox – no more juggling apps and tabs to stay on top of them all.
Yes, you can send rich content (pictures) through MMS and mobile landing pages.
Personalisation is key. You can use your company name to send from, make sure your messages are as personalised as possible – include the customer’s name, previous order history details etc. – and make sure you aren’t asking for sensitive information.

To avoid sending spam, you must:

  1. Have consent from the person receiving your messages. 
  2. Identify yourself as the sender by accurately identifying your name or business name. 
  3. Make it easy to unsubscribe – every commercial message must contain an unsubscribe option.

For more information – avoid-sending-spam#get-permission

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